What are you willing to do?

Happy new year to all of you on this day filled with sunshine to stimulate and inspire ~

We are moving into an amazing year,  2013.
Thirteen being symbolic of realizing order from chaos, new beginnings after “death”,  all while honoring and being held by mother earth.
My question for all of you as we move into a new calendar and a new, fresh season  “What are you willing to do to live your dream in truth and health ~ aligned with your true purpose?” ~
I invite you all to consider standing honestly  in self care from the inside out and ask “what am  I willing to do to live my optimal life?” Are you willing to pause and listen, resist the temptation to slide into habit and listen a bit longer, explore truly nourishing options?  Are you willing to be transparent, be completely honest with yourself and others?  Are you willing to dig in the refrigerator (of life) to find what you already have that nourishes you and toss out what is no longer useful?  Are you willing to sit with yourself and others, feel an itch and sit a bit longer to see if it passes or if the itch really needs to be scratched?  Are you willing to set the excuses aside and live the life of your dreams?  Are you willing to give yourself the gift of abundant love, health and joy?  Shedding the cloak of unworthiness, knowing that it is up to you to find your own enthusiastic “yes” knowing that the universe celebrates when we truly stand in our gorgeous, unique wholeness!
I invite you to join me in embracing an enthusiastic “yes” ~
I joyfully stand in my truth knowing that I am in the amazing company of all of you!