Meg is a highly trained and compassionate energy healer. With her warm presence, she instantly relaxes her clients allowing her awareness to skillfully resolve unhealed areas of a person’s life.

Marie Manuchehri, RN, author of Intuitive Self-Healing

Meg helped me through the trauma of chemotherapy and the sense of loss I felt when my career-driven life was suddenly interrupted by cancer. My time with her helped me relax, focus and find peace during a very difficult time. She made me a believer in the power of energy work. Meg radiates warmth and healing, which I felt the first day I walked into her studio, and continue to experience today.

Heidi Hutchinson, Senior Vice President, Edelman

I love working with Meg. She brings a transparency to this work that simplifies for me the mystery of energy work into a heart centered work of service and love. Meg’s training, experience and intuition have deepened my own desire to open and embrace my joy, my story, and my power. Thank You, Meg.

Dawn Warnaca, HTCP/I
Eatonville, WA

I always find my way to Meg exactly when I need her. She is able to reach past the superfluous and access the core of what is stuck for me. I leave grounded, empowered, and lighter. It is an amazing experience.

JH, West Seattle

Meg is a remarkably gifted healer. She is genuinely caring and wholly present. By listening deeply and asking perceptive questions, she invites me to become more mindful of my own intuition. With her support and validation, I am learning to trust my own inner wisdom. At the end of each session, I feel peaceful and energized. My body, mind and spirit are in alignment, and there is a joyful lightness in the center of my being. What precious gifts!


I have had the pleasure of working with Meg since 2010 and since then my body and spirit have opened up in ways I never expected. Meg’s wisdom, warmth and gift of healing have truly made a difference in my life. She has been a beautiful part of my journey in healing my past and giving me the tools I need to remain open into the future!


From the first moment I came to know Meg, I understood this: she is the embodiment of joy. Now, in her energy healing practice, she shares her vision, truth, and skills with clients and students. I’m richly blessed to know her and deeply honored to learn from her. Give yourself a soul-gift…allow Meg and her intuitive practices to enrich your life experience and increase the joy in your being.

Roberta Greenwood
Bellevue, WA

Dear Meg,

I have been basking in the glow of your energy, since our last session.
I wanted to thank you and let you know the power of your compassionate
healing touch. From the minute you began to work on me, I felt the energy
from your hands. You are truly one of the most gifted healers that
I know. With your compassionate listening and obvious expertise,
you quickly and easily identified emotional and physical blocks.
You brought clarity and insight in regards to these matters.
With your touch, I feel that I will be able to transform these blocks in short time.
Meg, you provide a place for transformation, a warm and inviting place,
to allow me to get to the core of who I truly am. I am forever grateful. Your
soul touched mine, on a deep spiritual level.

Warmest regards,
Anna Maria, Spiritual Counselor