you are enough

Everyday we are called to step outside of ourselves and fill with “more”.  More clothes, more house, more make-up, more, more, more.  All on the outside.  Being pulled out of where we really are enough, inside.  Our essence is enough.  Our wisdom is enough.  Our spirit is enough.  We are enough.  Like a complex wine, each of us a unique blend of grapes and time.  We are enough.  We are already filled with all of the ingredients.  Give yourself the gift of popping the cork and inhaling the gorgeous bouquet of where you are in your life.  Really noticing and listening to all that is already within you. Your delicious, gorgeous, sometimes hard to swallow, special and unique life.

Walk the Labyrinth – Hall at Fauntleroy – Sunday, Oct. 14th

The truth of Joy

The truth of joy is the richness and courage to fall from grace and still see the core beauty of yourself.  To get banged up a bit and sit in the journey of healing.  We are each our own greatest healer, but often throw dirt in our wounds because we don’t feel worthy to be whole.  Our wounds begin to fester, getting infected and going deep into our system.  We then become our wounds.  To come back to our truth we can tenderly cleanse these wounds, lick these wounds, release these wounds and stand tall in the miracle of being human.  Releasing wounds, releasing drama, opening to the journey of healing.  The grace, joy and ease of being in body, mind and spirit ~ exactly who we are here to be.

“What exactly is it that you do?”

“What exactly is it that you do?” A question that I hear often. The inquirer hoping that I will give a succinct job description, something tangible and concrete. An elevator speech easily repeated. The truth, my elevator speech is as varied as the miraculous clients that show up in my studio. One explanation of what I do could be that i invite my clients to honestly show up on this beautiful stage called life. Leaving the makeup, costumes and masks in the dressing room. To stand on this great big stage and be willing to gradually peel off each layer, opening to the possibility to stand fully naked and vulnerable in their unique and authentic truth. Essentially to allow their mind to dance with their body, guided by their heart and soul. That is what I might say if I ran into you in the elevator.